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Window Options: Magnetic Retrofit Double Glazing

Chilled to the bone, or squinting and sweltering in your home? Before you reach for the thermostat to crank up the heat or ratchet up the air conditioning, reach for the Internet or the phone. It could be the windows that are to blame for all the discomfort in your home.

Apartment-dwellers, condo and townhouse dwellers, listen up, because this applies to you too. Even if your homeowner's association or landlord takes care of structural changes and the exterior of the home including windows, you may not have to grin and bear it any longer.

The magnetic retrofit double glazing system is a subtle secondary glazing and minimal frame that inserts within the existing window frame to add the superb insulation against air for better temperature regulation and sound proofing.

It provides either a clear acrylic or glass material within the existing window assembly. The subtle frame is generally made from vinyl or PVC, which is a superior material for causing thermal breaks.

A thermal break is simply a material that does not allow air to penetrate it. For instance, old aluminum conducts hot or cold air. Newer windows employ thermal breaks, or pieces of vinyl or PVC to "break" the flow of air.

The magnetic channels ensure an airtight seal for the window by creating a sandwich of air. This is a superior and fully natural insulation using just air entrapped between two materials (glass in this case). It results in extremely low air infiltration among all types of windows.

This results in a massive reduction in both noise transfer and air infiltration. The magnetic retrofitting frame works with any frame material, from timber to aluminum and even steel.

Another added benefit to realize with the addition of magnetic retrofitting material is that it can be additionally altered to block out the sun. Having films applied to the windows helps cut radiant heat within the home tremendously.

The film gets applied within the inside of the existing glass. This enables the glass to bounce the heat back out of the home before it ever gets to the cavity shared with the new retrofit material.

Better performance of your windows can be realized whether you have an apartment or own a single-standing home. It is far less expensive than purchasing replacement windows and paying to have them installed. It will also contribute to more favorable utility bills too. Contact your local Magnetite supplier supplier today for more information.