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Spruce Up Your Pool For The Swimming Season!

As soon as winter is over and the tail end of spring has sprung, you'll want to be ready for all the upcoming engagements and social occasions with loved ones, work colleagues and of course friends. Its great to relax, and enjoy the warm sunshine, fresh air and splash about in the comfort of your own pool. The backyard is the place to be in the summer!

All healthy pools regurgitate dust and dirt via the pump into the skimmer. The pump and the filter removes these contaminants and with the help of a pool cleaner they will keep your pool clean and healthy. As the pump and the skimmer work you may experience a bit of water evaporation especially if the heat is strong, so keep a watchful eye on it, especially if your waterline starts to noticeably drop. You may have to top up the water now and again.

Apart from keeping a clean pool, heat retention will be the next biggest concern. Most of the heat is lost due to evaporation on hot days and also in the evening. Heat will be transferred through the atmosphere and naturally due to sweltering sunshine. Make sure you use a pool cover in the evening and at night to stop this loss of heat.

To actually maximize the heat up of the water it is better if you use a solar pool cover as this will actually take the heat from the sun and transfer it to your pool, and well as stopping heat seeping from your pool.

Pool Vacs

If you use a pool vac and run it through your pool it will help prevent dirt and germs from breeding like crazy. Naturally you will also have to use bromine and chlorine compounds to make sure no unseen bacteria is present in your water.

You can actually test your water to make sure the PH levels are set correctly. This will let you know if your water is safe to swim in. You can get complete testing kits with the full instructions on how to use them. Look up some videos on YouTube if you are unsure of how to test your PH levels.

These levels are very important to get right, if you fail to do so you will cause excessive algae and bacteria to grow, and if your pool is too acidic it will cause burns and rashes on your skin. It can also damage your pools surrounds, including tiles and plaster.

Follow these tips to keep your pool safe, clean and healthy, and enjoy more time using your pool.


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