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Five Window Ideas You Never Thought Possible

Have you ever thought about re-designing your windows to make them look unique? Because if there are ways for you to re-design shutters for windows, then the window itself can be designed into something amazing as well. Windows, after all, can make the interior design of your home look amazing, and there are different ways for you to create your window. To help you with the design here are five designs that you can apply to your window to make them look beautiful.

ROUND WINDOWS: if you have seen the windows in the east specifically in China then you may have noticed that some of their windows are designed as big and round. This can also be applied even in the west or all part of the world since in Chinese culture, the circle symbolizes infinity. Having big round windows can be a new trend for you since it isn't common specifically in the East and some parts of the east.

ROOF-TYPE WINDOWS: this is quite simple and very creative as well. You would only need to punch a hole in your roof to make way for the window. The size and the design can be anything you want, just make sure that you are doing it safely and you are protecting the room where the window will be put. With this design, you would be able to see the starry night when you look up.

FOLDING WINDOWS: the folding window aims to maximize in opening your big window. Normally when you open your big window, you would have to open it in various ways or go to different handles, but with the folding window, you would only need to unlock one part and let the rest be folded and placed on the side. This way your window will open widely.

CURVE WINDOW: if your house has a wall designed like a curve than having windows for it can be made possible. It can't be helped that sometimes you would want something that isn't common and one of those things is having an arched window. This would be eye-catching to your friends and family because adding a window to the curve is pretty unique.

SLIDING WINDOWS: just the round windows in China there are also windows that you would need to slide open. This can be very common in Japan since they do have sliding doors in their homes. Sliding windows would slide horizontally, but there are windows in the west where you slide it vertically. Still, you would be able to receive the fresh air that you need in your home.

If ever you are thinking about any window ideas, then you can apply any of these. This way you wouldn't have to be in an artistic block when you are designing your windows because you can now choose any of the following. Windows, after all, are like the eyes of the house and to ensure that the eyes of the house look beautiful you have to design them so!

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