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Common Uses For A Garden Hose Quick Connect

The most obvious place to use a garden hose quick connect is at your garden at home. But there are other things and places that use quick connect fittings. Many of these uses involve linking several hoses together. While you can technically link hoses together without a quick connect adapter, doing so requires the screwing/unscrewing effort, and isnt a quick easy task. However, a quick connector set makes connecting hoses to each other or any other watering tool a simple and painless process.

1. It can help you provide water into far corners of your house. Rather than transporting water to far corners within a large yard, for example, a garden hose quick connect can simply be used to quickly connect several hoses together to bring water to different parts of your property.

2. It enables you to connect a hose quickly and easily. The most obvious use for a water quick connect is to attach and detach a hose quickly without the need to rotate and twist the stiff hose ends. Old style garden hose connectors need to be twisted and turned to connect garden hoses while modern quick connect water fittings simply lets you plug the male and the female parts together to make the connection.

3. It allows you to change nozzles easily. You can use a garden hose quick connect coupler not just to connect garden hoses together but also to attach and detach different kinds of nozzles easily. Attach a high-pressure nozzle to clean your car and then easily replace it with a sprinkler type nozzle for watering your garden.

4. It helps you create a fun water slide at home. Some do it yourself water slides can really benefit from quick connect hose fittings. Most of these water slides require water to be continuously supplied through a water hose. Common household water hoses are sometimes not long enough to reach the field or the street or any place you have set up your water slide. Get a brass hose quick connect to link several water hoses together to supply water to your water slide.

5. It helps fill up your portable swimming pool. In case you want to put up a swimming pool while you are in the middle of a camping ground or in an open field you can use a garden hose quick connect to link together several garden hoses to reach the portable pool.

6. It helps provide a water source in the open field or camping ground. Camping grounds and open fields have limited water sources. Most people who go camping bring containers and take water from nearby brooks or rivers. If you happen to have a huge water container, you can use connected water hoses to supply water to your camp without the need to keep going back and forth to the water supply. Simply attach a portable spigot at the end of a hose with the other end dipped in a huge water container and you can have a makeshift faucet in the middle of the field or camping ground.

7. It provides water to remote houses in your property. If you live on a farm, for example, there will be places in your property that do not have indoor plumbing like an animal shed or a small storage area. Bring water to these parts of your property by connecting several water hoses together until the length is long enough to reach it.

8. It provides water to barns. Barns are usually bare and provide shelter to farm animals and other farm paraphernalia. The water source in some locations comes from the main house and is transported to the barn using pails of water. Connect several garden hoses together to make a long hose so you do not have to haul buckets of water. The steady supply of water can help clean the barn and water the animals.

9. It reduces leaks within inter-connected hoses. Some old water hose connectors spring leaks when they are connected to a water source. This is because they sometimes get loose and dont fit well together. A well-made brass hose quick connect fits the hoses well so that water does not leak through the connector. It saves water and helps lower your water bill.

10. It can work as irrigation. If you own a greenhouse or if your business requires an irrigation system, you can create a makeshift irrigation system using interconnected garden hoses.


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