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Best Air Conditioners For Your Space

Air conditioners allow us to maintain a pleasant indoor atmosphere, regardless of how the conditions are, outside our house. Many houses and commercial buildings these days also have central air conditioning systems that use large air conditioning units. Accordingly, you have many choices when looking for the best air conditioners for your space in either a home or an office.

There are also many factors to understand when installing the new air conditioner. An air conditioner that is ideal for your friend’s house may not be suitable at all for your application. It is therefore; always better to take professional advice, although there are some pointers that you can use to select a better option.

Here are some of the tips that will allow you to identify the best air conditioners:

Determine Your Space Size

The most important element in a space is its dimensions. You should measure out your space using a measuring tape or you may also consult your building designs if you have them available. Small rooms start from around 100 square feet and the living room of your house or a hall in your office can stretch to around 400 square feet.

Calculate the Required BTUs

We generally measure the cooling capacity of air conditioners in BTUs. Your space size governs the cooling capacity required for a particular application. A well insulated room of around 100-150 square feet requires around 5,000 BTUs capacity air conditioner. On the other hand, a poorly insulated large living room of 400 square feet may require an air conditioner with a cooling capacity of around 18,000 BTUs.


One of the most important factors in determining the best air conditioners for your space is efficiency. The energy efficiency of air conditioners is found by dividing their BTU values with their power used in watts.

If your house is in a region that has mild summers, then you can discard an AC that has an EER of 9. If you are in a warmer region though, then you need to buy an air conditioner that has a ratio of 10 or above.


Although most of the current air conditioners have now switched to R-410A which is a better refrigerant when compared with the older R-22, some available air conditioners may still employ the older option.

The best air conditioners for your space though are certainly the ones that employ the newer R-410A gas which is better for the environment as well as excellent for your compressor due to a larger thermal capacity.

Type of Air Conditioner

There are several types of air conditioners that are available to cool your space. You can buy a modern split unit AC or opt for a window unit AC. You can also install a portable air conditioner if you want to move your unit around to cover multiple rooms.

All of these types have their advantages and limitations and the best one ideally depends on the individual needs. Offices are better off at installing the newer and more energy efficient split units, while window unit air conditioners can ideally cool your bedroom, if it has a standard sized window that you can replace with the unit.

If you don’t want to tear down your window, you can either use a portable air conditioner that only requires a small exhaust point or a split unit that has a separate compressor.

These are some of the considerations that you have to make in order to create the list of the best air conditioners for your space and then selecting a winner out of them for your cooling needs.



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