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Before Moving Into Your New Home Your Final Walk Through

You are now close to finally moving into the luxury home you've been building for so long. You're all a bundle of nerves and excitement, but it is not wise to get carried away. The final walk through is the last step to take. You're almost at the finish line now, which makes this step a crucial one. You will need to consider a few important things.

Most of the time, this is scheduled a day before you move in. Just as the name implies, a walk through is when you examine your home to be and insect if everything is in good condition, as specified in the contract. This is when everything is checked to see if nothing has changed since the home inspection conducted by the building department's representative and if the new home builder has completed all the minor repairs and corrections in the "punch list", from your previous inspection.

So how do you go about it? Here are a few points to remember:

1) Bring your contract. Your agent is supposed to bring a copy, but it is recommended that you bring yours, too, just in case. You might need to refer to it. Check for provisions agreed to in the contract and make sure that everything is complete.

2) It is recommended that your builder makes himself present during this time. He knows the site and all its features better than you do so if you have any questions (and you should!), you'll have him there to provide answers.

3) Prepare a checklist in advance and bring it with you. So what should you be looking for? Here are a few points.

  • Make sure that all of the lighting systems are functional. Turn all the light fixtures on and off.
  • Examine the exterior of the house especially if there have been storms and weather disturbances since your last visit.
  • Check if the builder has not removed anything or has installed all the agreed inclusions such as chandeliers and appliances
  • Make sure that these appliances work. Test them.
  • Turn the air conditioning system on and off. Leave it on and make sure that it actually works by feeling the temperature instead of just listening to the fans blowing.
  • Turn on the exhaust fans.
  • Turn on all the water faucets and check for leaks.
    Inspect the garage doors and see if they work.
  • Flush all toilets.
  • Examine the ceilings, floors, and walls.
  • Check the keypads and the remotes. Did you have a security system installed? Make sure that they function well. Check if all the remote control units are there.
  • Check the storm windows and the screens and make sure that they are in good shape.
  • Open and close the doors and windows and check for deficiencies.
  • View the storage areas to make sure that the workers did not leave any unwanted items such as hazardous materials and old paint.
  • Examine the surrounding grounds and check the landscaping to see if it's all in order.

Everything should have been cleaned up by this time.

If you identify problems during the final walk through that you cannot address yourself, list them down and make sure to notify your new home builder. These should be looked into before the closing, before you sign the form signifying that you are satisfied with the final walk through.

Invest at least an hour of your time for this. The costs related to buying a home are not to be taken lightly. The last thing you want is moving into your new home and finding that there are problems that you need to take care of just because you didn't take your final walk through seriously.


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