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6 Important Considerations When Buying A Hedge Cutter

Hedges look amazing if they are neat and tidy but to keep them looking great you do need to do your fair share of maintenance. Hedge trimming can be potentially dangerous, especially when you think about heavy weight, sharp blades, odd angles, and heights. You may not be looking to trim your hedges into wacky shapes but a hedge cutter will definitely make the job of trimming your hedges much easier.

Here are the most important considerations when buying a hedge cutter.

1. Power Source

Hedge cutters are available in 3 different types: cordless, electric, and gas powered. The cordless variety has the advantage of being easy to use and lightweight, but, has a short maximum working time of between 30 and 45 minutes. Electric trimmers are more powerful than cordless hedge cutters but are limited in capability by the power cord. Gas powered hedge cutters are more powerful than both cordless and electric hedge trimmers but are much heavier. It is up to you to determine which type best meets your needs.

2. Weight

Weight is an important consideration when buying a hedge cutter even though it might be subjective. The lighter a hedge cutter is the longer you will be able to use it before getting exhausted. If you are not very sure about how much weight you can handle you should try the hedge cutter in the store or hire a similar model to ensure that you are making the right decision.

3. Blade Length

The longer the blade of the hedge cutter, the faster it will cut. However, it will be more tiring, unwieldy, and heavier to use. A 70 cm blade cuts more hedge in one sweep of the blade and is preferable you have many hedges to cut. However, long blades can be cumbersome if you only have smaller hedges and a shorter blade will be more preferable.

4. Rotating Blade

If you will be trimming between hedges and fences, walls, or even other plans, it is advisable to have a rotating blade that allows you to use the hedge cutter safely and comfortably while you are cutting at difference angles.

5. Tolerable Noise Levels

When using any power tools, professionals wear eye protection and ear plugs and you need to do the same. However, some cordless and electric hedge cutters are so quiet that they probably won't be too much of a bother to your neighbours. The noise level is an important consideration if you will be using your hedge cutter in a crowded neighbourhood.

6. Locking On or Off Switch

If you prefer trimming your hedges in a single work session, you should choose a hedge trimmer with a lock-on switch since it reduces fatigue when you trim. On the contrary, if you will be using the hedge cutter near children, pets, and other distractions, a safer option would be to choose a unit with a switch that requires the application continuous pressure.

Final Thoughts

Buying Hedge cutters from Mowers on Line is not hard, but you need the right advice if you wish to make the best decision. Follow the advice provided here to buy the best hedge cutter for your needs.


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