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4 Common Myths About Home Inspections

Just like most industries nowadays, there is a huge buzz about home inspections in Phoenix, Arizona. In an era where home inspectors are crucial to the sale of a house, it is important to be aware of the things that might come up as a result of a home inspection.

However, home inspections are interpreted in many different ways than their actual meaning. So today, we are listing all the common myths about home inspections and home inspectors in Phoenix, Arizona.

Myth #1 - You don't need a home inspection in Phoenix if you are getting an appraisal.

This is absolutely false, mostly because of the fact that appraisals are performed for the benefit of your mortgage lender in order to protect their interest. On the other hand, a pre-purchase home inspection is a process that is performed for your benefit - to protect your interest as a homebuyer. While appraisals are a mandatory cost for homebuyers, home inspections in Phoenix are optional.

Myth #2 - The seller needs to fix everything the home inspector finds.

A lot of people see the home inspection report as a fix-it-list for the home sellers. However, it is far from that - in fact, with it the seller is not required to make any repairs to the home in order to satisfy the buyer. If the seller is agreeable, it is in everyone's best interest to get an estimate for a repair or renegotiate the home's price after a home inspection.

Myth #3 - The home inspection processed can be carried by anyone.

Although there are many contractors who market themselves as home inspectors, it takes a license and an official permit to do this job. Not to mention the decades of experience in the industry that many professional home inspectors are proud of. That is why a 20-minute look by a friend or a company not specialized in home inspection is equal to nothing - and why you should always choose professionals in this field.

Myth #4 - New homes in Phoenix don't need a home inspection.

The building codes have become more stringent over the past couple of years. However, this doesn't mean that new homes don't need home inspection in Phoenix. Instead, home inspections suit homes of all types and sizes and are the only way to make sure that everything is okay before you buy - or sell your property.

We hope that these common myths helped you see the truth about home inspections in Phoenix!


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